Tasked with the comprehensive branding of a dynamic CrossFit event, our mission extended far beyond conventional design boundaries. From captivating social media posts to merchandise that spoke volumes, we embarked on a journey to curate an immersive experience that resonated with participants and spectators alike.

Our canvas encompassed every touchpoint of the event journey, from the initial teaser campaigns to the adrenaline-fueled moments captured in branded merchandise. Through a fusion of striking visuals and compelling messaging, we aimed to ignite the passion for fitness and camaraderie that defines the CrossFit community.


Graphic Design






Our collaboration with Wodstock Costa Rica ignited with an immersive exploration of the event’s essence, delving deep into the pulse of the CrossFit community and the cultural tapestry of Costa Rica. Informed by this rich tapestry of insights, we embarked on a creative odyssey to craft a visual narrative that would not only capture the heart and soul of the event but also resonate deeply with its diverse audience.

The journey began with the inception of branding elements, where we meticulously conceptualized and refined logos, typography, and color palettes to encapsulate the energy, resilience, and camaraderie synonymous with Wodstock. Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes and vibrant hues of Costa Rica, each design element was infused with a sense of vitality and adventure, serving as a beacon that beckoned participants to join the fray.

As the event drew closer, our focus shifted to the creation of promotional materials that would ignite excitement and anticipation amongst attendees. From captivating social media posts that teased upcoming challenges to eye-catching banners and merchandise that proudly showcased the Wodstock brand, every graphic element was thoughtfully curated to amplify the event’s presence and foster a sense of community.

But our commitment to visual storytelling didn’t end with graphics alone. On the ground during the event, our team seamlessly transitioned into the role of storytellers, wielding cameras and capturing the raw emotions, exhilarating moments, and unbridled determination that unfolded before our eyes. Through the lens of our cameras, we immortalized the sweat, the struggle, and the triumphs of each athlete, ensuring that every photograph and video clip served as a timeless memento of their journey.

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