5 Digital Marketing Errors

We have repeatedly heard the phrase that “those who are not on the internet do not exist“. And while many companies have begun to become increasingly aware of the importance of digital marketing, some may experience a lack of effective results and make mistakes, why does this happen? Digital marketing is packed with opportunities for businesses because it allows us to create a design focused on the user experience, and bi-directionality in communication which allows us permanent feedback.

This powerful channel is immediate and allows you to reach more and more target audiences by influencing reviews to improve search engine results, to your own advantage.  Despite this and that it is currently common to use the Internet and social networks to optimize the commercialization of a product or service, for many companies digital marketing can become a headache because there are several errors that should be avoided or or govern in its adaptation to virtual space. 

Here are the most recurring ones to avoid falling into them.

Lacking realistic digital marketing goals and goal tracking

One of the biggest online marketing mistakes a business can make is creating an unfocused marketing campaign. If you don’t set goals, you won’t know what’s going on with your campaign. Your campaign will have no focus, so you won’t know when you achieve your goals or if you’re achieving them in the right time frame.

If you don’t track your goals, you won’t know if your campaign drives success. You won’t know where you succeeded or what areas you need to work on improving.

Bad Advisors

Being a relatively young industry, there are a wide variety of digital marketing consultants who have created different practices in the sector. This fragmentation has made it very difficult for entrepreneurs to find the supplier they need to devise and implement a truly successful marketing strategy.  It is necessary to be on a constant search for success stories to find advisors who have the capabilities and experience to create digital marketing strategies that respond to the needs of each particular company.  

“It’s my page and I do what I want”

According to reports, worldwide more than 9 billion searches are done per day. It’s a mistake then to create a website that reflects what the company wants to show the world and not what the market is really looking for.  To build a website that responds to the needs of each company’s target audience, you need to ask yourself: what are my customers looking for? and how are they doing it, because the main objective should be the well-being of the client in their satisfaction and the company through a return on investment.

Relying only on discounts or promotions

It is a big mistake to try to have the entire digital marketing strategy mainly focused on giving more and more discounts to users, because over time this practice begins to affect the perception of value that they have of company’s products or services. Eventually, they might even refuse to pay the value of what the company offers.  An example of this error is the constant discounts of airlines. If we haven’t, we’ve certainly heard from users waiting until midnight or specific dates to supposedly find the best possible prices.  

Do everything and nothing

With the ‘boom’ of social media, companies generally seek to have a presence in each of them. error. The principle of social networks is not about being in each of them and publishing abundantly, but about generating interaction with users.  Instead of being in five or six networks without any effect, what companies should do is choose and focus on one or two where they think they can have a real result. Once the desired impact has been achieved it is possible to move and think about having a presence on other social networks.