Crafting designs that resonates

Whether you’re looking for a much-needed rebrand, or simply want to produce high-quality promotional marketing material, we are a skilled graphic design agency with the in-house expertise to create designs made to impress.

Our experienced graphic designers will work with you to produce bespoke designs based on your unique requirements, allowing you to engage directly with your target audience through empowering, visual designs.

At Infinet we are extremely passionate about design. We understand the big impact that great graphic design has on how customers see, understand and interact with your brand.

What makes us sooo good at it...


We listen carefully to what our clients want to achieve and work closely with them to make sure their objectives are met.


 We intentionally stay nimble so we can effectively adapt to the brief at hand. It also means our clients get to deal directly with the designers working with their brand.


We work closely with your brand to find its core meaning and bake this into everything you do, whether it’s your packaging, website or campaign

Our design Process

We like to ask questions and find out as much as we can about you. By fully understanding you, your likes and dislikes, we can make something that looks incredible. 



To begin we will send out stakeholder questionnaires to gather independent thoughts of all the key stakeholders. These questionnaires will help us fully immerse ourselves in the internal perspective of where the brand is at, and where stakeholders think it should be moving forwards.



This stage embraces all ideas and explores a wide range of possibilities, from sketching brand logo options to mood boards, colour charts and imagery styles.


Brand Strategy

Using all the collected insights, we'll develop a differentiated and cohesive brand position. This stage focuses on detailing and refining all elements of the graphic design to ensure it is running the essence of the brand. 



Production is where visions take tangible form, where your concepts are brought to life. We will design a full range of graphics needed for your brand, from the logo and icon marks up to a color palette, typography, layout style and all the brand guidelines.

Our Design Services

In a world competing for attention, your brand needs to stand apart. At Infinet we redefine narratives and craft experiences that resonate and leave lasting impressions.

Exciting, flexible, convincing, cost effective – however you describe it, Digital design is probably the most important development in visual communications of this century.

Our digital design services give you a megaphone to the world, providing you with a shop window to let everyone know you’re open.

As a full service design and branding agency, we are able to develop the messaging for new brands and breathe new life into ones that have become a little bit dated. Your branding is your first impression and, as we all very well know, you only have one chance to make it.

Printed brochures, leaflets, catalogues, folders and exhibitions have always been the corner stone in any marketing design arsenal. A well designed, printed item is a serious marketing tool that can make all the difference in winning that contract or selling that product…

We design campaigns to help brands reach a wider audience – raising awareness, starting conversations and creating deeper connections