The Real story of Social Media

Every beginning has a story and social media is no exception. The history of what we know today as social networks can be traced since the creation of the Internet, or even before … With the telegraph

5 Marketing Tips We Learned From Dave Grohl

There is no doubt that Dave Grohl has earned a place at the heart of his fans, proving to be a great drummer, guitarist, composer, producer, director, and actor… is there something I didn’t mention? Well, Dave Grohl is also a Marketing genius!

80’s marketing strategies in the new century

For all those of us who live our childhood watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, today we bring them a little nostalgia and we went over some marketing techniques that used business in the 1980s

5 Digital Marketing Errors

Despite this and that it is currently common to use the Internet and social networks to optimize the commercialization of a product or service, for many companies digital marketing can become a headache because there are several errors that should be avoided or or govern in its adaptation to virtual space