Combining Strategy & Creativity

Making a real difference to your business and your brand.

We are a Costa Rican agency that redefines digital and put businesses on the path to success.

Formed by a friendly and diverse team of digital innovators, strategists, collaborators and forward thinkers, We’ve been in the digital space for almost a decade, generating results that turn our client’s visions into reality. 


Our Story

Founded in 2015, Infinet was built as a full-service digital marketing and Web design agency that truly understands what it’s like to be in our clients’ shoes, the challenges you face, and what you need to tackle them head-on.

Our collective passion is to create exceptional digital brand solutions that are innovative, original, customer-centric and impactful.

For almost a decade we’ve been creating powerful connections between companies and their customers, to drive success, profit and growth for reputable clients around all the globe.

Whether it’s a highly targeted digital strategy or a marketing campaign to reach the masses, our philosophy has always been that great marketing is an investment, not a cost.

That’s why when you work with an independently owned, creative digital agency, you’re investing in your organization’s future.


Our values are at the core of everything we do. They’re the qualities we look for in our team and clients, and they outline how we approach our work. Since we began, our values have remained the same, and it’s keeping our values at the forefront that has powered our journey so far.


We’re passionate about all things digital. It’s this passion that aids us in achieving the best possible results for our clients.


We’re always open and frank as we pursue optimum ways to innovate because we firmly believe that our activities make a positive difference.


We want our partners and team members to achieve extraordinary things. This isn’t possible without unleashing creativity and using our imaginations.


We’re fully committed to fulfilling the goals of our clients which is why we devote ourselves to every step of the process

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