5 Marketing Tips We Learned From Dave Grohl

With great humility and work, its leader Dave Grohl has managed to take his band Foo Fighter to the top to consolidate as one of the greatest rock bands in history.

There is no doubt that  Dave has earned a place at the heart of his fans, proving to be a great drummer, guitarist, composer, producer, director, and actor… is there something I didn’t mention? Well, Dave Grohl is also a Marketing genius and here I tell you several lessons we have learned from him and we should all apply in our business.

Recognize your market

For Grohl, this means music. He is a self-taught musician and the stages have become his natural habitat. He is also an enthusiastic speaker, gifted to attract crowds and attract fans. He knows who he is and that naturally extends to his “brand”.

Leaving records and videos aside, it’s no coincidence that his career in the world of cinema extends to projects with a musical background such as Sound City or his role in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny.

Do you know what your company is good at? If not, there are ways to find out. Try to see what sells best and what your customers say about you, for example.

Once you find out what those things are, hold on to them.

Try new things.

As much as Grohl knows his basic skills, he’s not afraid to try new things either. He was a drummer first and then reinvented himself on Foo Fighters’ first album “Pocketwatch“, on which he sang the lead vocals and played all the instruments. He clung to his core music competition but extended his brand.

Years later, Grohl wanted to go further with his brand and went into making documentaries and films. Following the Course of Sound City, Grohl embarked on another idea: a documentary of historical recording studios throughout the United States. The HBO show and the album of the same name were called Sonic Highways.

As you can probably see, each project gave way to another. Grohl’s career and dreams have evolved naturally with each project. Has your brand do the same? If the answer is no: Could you?

Don’t be afraid of failure.

I must admit, even though I’ve been listening to Foo Fighters for many years, I’ve never considered myself a real fan. This changed in 2012, after a friend’s recommendation, I watched the documentary Back and Forth.

This documentary tells the story of the band and the recording process of their album Wasting Light, which was made in Grohl’s “garage” using open tape recorders (did we mention that he likes to experience new things?). However, one thing that struck me about the documentary, was knowing everything the band went through to get to what they are today, including moments when it was close to the point of the split.

As a musician, I felt incredibly identified with this documentary, but if we think about marketing and branding the moral that leaves us is what mistakes have I made and how can you learn from them? It is always advisable to perform “autopsies” after a large project, whether it has been positively completed or not. Take stock of what happened and take notes on what you can do better next time.

Know how to stay relevant.

No matter what Grohl does, he knows what works and what people want. Despite his past fame as a drummer for Nirvana and all the accomplishments the band has achieved, Grohl also knows how to stay ahead and focus on new goals. With a career of over 25 years and many albums behind it, it can be difficult to keep fans interested as your bank account grows. This is not the case for Foo Fighters, who continue to release new albums, documentaries and tour regularly, which have evolved in sound, without losing the essence of the band.

Is your brand still relevant? What can you do for your customers? Do you use the latest tools and, most importantly, constantly remind fans of your brand your products and their existence? No one wants to be out of sight, out of the minds of our customers. However, with all the distractions and competitions in our time, it’s an easy place to fall.

Being Genuine

Grohl’s enthusiasm is contagious. It has shown us that he is really interested in music, film and everything he does. His actions are sincere and inspire deep devotion around the world. I think we all agree that Grohl looks like one more guy, someone we’d like to talk to at a party.

What about your brand? Is it authentic? If not, what can you do to increase the level of sincerity?

Finally, when you feel trapped or need a little inspiration, you can take a moment to ask yourself: What would Dave Grohl do?